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“this isn’t a stupid sports game!“

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Hannibal + Plants

The water lily symbolizes purity and stability in an unstable environment.

Throughout the season, Beverly has been a constant source of stability for Will, even as she collected Abigail’s blood from beneath his fingernails. While she is more of a reoccurring character than a regular, she has been the one character to keep Will grounded when she knew he needed it. Beverly is one of few characters that has not yet met Hannibal, and because of this, she has the ability to smooth out the cracks he’s created in Will. 

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OOSTERWIJCK, Maria van (1630–1693)

Flower Still Life, details
Oil on canvas, 37.1 x 46 cm
Cincinnati Art Museum
Ed. Orig. Lic. Ed.

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brandenburg gate

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As NGC 6814 is a very active galaxy, many regions of ionized gas are studded along its spiral arms.
Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA; Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt x

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#ghost el appreciation post


i want to hollow out a fresh baguette and lay in it for a week

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Katie Paterson - Vatnajokull (the sound of), 2011

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moon jellyfish ~ ~~

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Candidate Red Dragon Landing Site in Arcadia Planitia

  There are indications of shallowly buried remnant ice in  this area. (312 km above the surface.)

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Richie Tozier, It (2017)

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wlw (women loving winona ryder)


for my next performance, i’ll be completely letting go of painful events from my past and stepping into a whole new narrative for myself, one that involves healing, purpose, power, wealth, and love

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Paris, France                                       4月10日2013年
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